How to Get Rid of a Hickey - Tips on How to Remove a Hickey

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Published: 07th January 2011
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Hickey (described as love bite) is usually a reddish mark on the skin area or we can say a bruise. Just imagine the stress or horror after spending a passionate night and noticing a new hickey on the neck the following day. The main issue here is the fact that anyone is likely to see that symbol of possession if you do not make an attempt to hide it and even heal it as early as possible. Although many persons have had this label of true love, they wouldn't like most people to notice it.

A vacuum created by the lips almost always within the neck skin area may cause breaking within the capillary as well as the final result is a bruise identified as "a hickey". Just as any kind of bruise it's going to go away after some time, but you can still find a number of guidelines to help you hide it or perhaps make it heal faster.

1. As early as you spot the hickey you will need to react without delay. Leaving the hickey as is could make the covering or even care more difficult.

2. For those who have discovered the hickey a bit late donít lose hope. Applying ice cold pack (a hand towel with ice cubes) for not very long can certainly make the destroyed capillaries decrease and therefore help you to remove the hickey.

3. Rub the affected area with an ice or only using your fingers. The actual massage therapy will probably relax the muscle tissue and increase the blood flow in this area.

A Hickey - The best ways to Hide the hickey?

In case you have experimented with these methods and still are dissatisfied by the end results it s time to take some steps and disguise the particular hickey. One of the things you can apply, relying at the time of year, is to look at your apparel. Turtleneck or shirts with higher collar undoubtedly are a life savior in cases similar to this. Or even using a liquefied powder may be the perfect solution in your case. The hickey, like any other bruise will go away gradually so there's no good reason to think about it or what others are going to say. Let's be honest it is a symbol of love.

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